Friday, 11 April 2014


SJK(C) Bukit Tinggi, Bentong: Anti-drug Programme
In accordance with the anti-drug movement carried out by the Ministry of Education, SJK(C) Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, invited ten speakers from the Rumah Victory Rehab Centre from Semenyih, Selangor on the 5th of March, 2014, to talk about drug abuse and anti-drug awareness. Among the activities prepared by the speakers were testimonials from ex-drug addicts, a captivating drama performance, an exhibition on the dangers of harmful drugs and a singing performance dedicated to the anti-drug movement. The purpose of this programme is to leave a deep impression about the dangers of drug abuse in each of the participants’ minds, which comprised of teachers, schoolchildren and parents alike.
Headmaster Mr Thum Veng Keng commented on the extent of violence and crime committed by drug addicts to fulfil their addiction and its negative influences on the society as a whole. He also added that it was important that youngsters should be instilled with the dangers of drug abuse in order to maintain a peaceful and progressive society in Malaysia. At the same time, Mr Thum also extended special invitations to the students from the neighbouring schools to participate in this programme, so that they could hopefully learn more regarding this topic. Mr Thum thanked Rumah Victory Rehab Centre for organising this anti-drug seminar, which allowed many young people to learn invaluable lessons from the ex-drug addicts’ tough life experiences. Besides, the headmaster also thanked the Parent-Teacher Association and the Bukit Tinggi Methodist Chapel, for contributing donations amounting to RM300.00 and RM200.00 respectively for this programme.

The director of the Rumah Victory Rehab Centre, Mr Gan Chin Keong pointed out that anti-drug advocacy should be a priority given the fact that the number of drug addicts in Malaysia which are increasing every day, are getting younger and younger too. He said that youngsters who are naturally curious, easily succumb to the temptations of drug abuse. Ex-drug addicts play their part in educating these children about the negative effects of drug abuse and how to prevent getting trapped in the turmoil of substance abuse through organising anti-drug programmes around schools in Malaysia. Mr Gan also opined that parents must play an important role in their children’s life by getting to know their friends, caring about their social activities and paying attention to changes in their attitude and behaviour.